Westland Gro-Sure All Purpose Slow Release Plant Food - 2kg


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  • Westland Gro-Sure Slow Release Plant Food 2kg
  • Provides 6 months continuous feed
  • Dual action granules keep plants thriving for longer
  • Instant boost for flowers and root growth
  • Suitable for all plants

Gro-Sure All-Purpose Slow Release Plant Food for use all around the garden.

Providing a slow release of food to keep plants healthy and thriving for longer.

The fast acting nutrients boost flowers and root growth, whilst the slow release nutrients feed the plant for 6 months and promote a healthy foliage and long lasting blooms.

Suitable for all plants and great for baskets and containers.

Use from the start of the growing season until the end of summer (March-September).

The granules can be premixed with compost before planting, added to the planting hole area or used as a top dressing.

Once applied water in to activate.