Vitax Vitafeed Vegetable & Leafy Plant Soluble Feed 301 - 500g Box

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Product Description

  • Vitax Vitafeed Vegetable & Leafy Plant Soluble Feed
  • The ideal feed for foliage plants and green vegetables
  • Can also be used on lawns
  • Applied using a watering can or hose-end dilutor

A high nitrogen feed with added potash, Vitafeed Vegetable and Leafy Plant Feed also contains trace elements.

Encourages strong, healthy leaf growth on herbaceous ornamentals, vegetables, herbs and other architectural foliage plants in the garden and home.

The feed can be used weekly and applied to the growing media at the base of the plants. Alternatively it can be used at each watering in place of normal watering.

If using as a lawn fertiliser it should be applied evenly across the grass area and repeated every six weeks from April to September.

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