Empathy Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi 150g


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  • Empathy rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi 150g
  • Naturally enhances nutrient and water absorption in plants
  • One-time application supports plant for its lifetime
  • Completely natural and plant-friendly
  • Suitable for flowering plants, trees, shrubs, and edibles
  • Includes a 10ml scoop for easy application

Empathy rootgrow™ Mycorrhizal Fungi 150g is a revolutionary product designed to significantly boost plant health and growth. By forming an efficient secondary root system, it enhances the uptake of nutrients and water, making it perfect for a wide range of plants including flowering species, trees, shrubs, and edibles.

Rootgrow™ requires only a single application to support a plant for its entire lifetime, promoting long-term health and vitality. This 150g pack is an economical choice, capable of treating up to eight 2-litre pots or one large 50L pot.

Easy to apply with the included 10ml scoop, rootgrow™ is ideal for container and plug plants. Simply sprinkle evenly into the planting hole, ensuring direct contact with the roots, and backfill as normal. For seeds and bulbs, sprinkle along the seed drill or add a pinch of granules below each seed or bulb, covering with soil before planting.

Application Rates:
  • Pot Size 2L: 2 scoops per plant, treats up to 8 plants
  • Pot Size 5L: 4 scoops per plant, treats up to 4 plants
  • Pot Size 10/15L: 7 scoops per plant, treats up to 2 plants
  • Pot Size 25L: 12 scoops per plant, treats 1 plant
  • Pot Size 50L: 16 scoops per plant, treats 1 plant
Please Note: Not suitable for Brassicas, Rhododendrons, Azaleas, Heathers, Cranberries, and Blueberries