Armor All Headlight Restorer Kit

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Product Description

  • Armor All Headlight Restorer Kit
  • Quick, easy and convenient to use, no need for tools
  • Restores headlights like new in 10 minutes
  • One kit will treat two headlights

Usage of modern polycarbonate based materials leads to the oxidation and yellowing of headlights. Unclear headlights can be a safety risk and potentially lead to MOT failure.

Current solutions to headlight cleaning are often complicated, involving multi- step processes requiring tools, time and effort.

Armour All Headlight Restorer Wipes Kit is a safe, quick and effective way to restore hazy, yellow headlights like new.

Directions of use:

Please Note: Product is only suitable for headlights made of polycarbonate.

Step 1: Oxidation removal wipes

note: wipe will evaporate very quickly. Do not open wipe until you are ready to restore a headlight and work very quickly while wiping. Active ingredients will evaporate within 3–5 minutes after opening pouch. Park car in a cool, shady location before treating. Avoid contact with painted surfaces: Use painter’s tape to protect painted surfaces surrounding headlight.

  1. Ensure headlight is clean and dry.
  2. Open a “step 1 Clean” sachet and remove wipe. Keep wipe folded to reduce evaporation.
  3. Scrub headlight with firm, even pressure in a horizontal back-and-forth motion. You will notice the oxidation residue beginning to be removed.
  4. Turn the wipe to a clean side, keeping the wipe folded.
  5. Continue to wipe, turning wipe to clean section as needed until no residue is visible on wipe. Discard wipe.Note: though your headlight may appear clear additional deep cleaning could be necessary to ensure all oxidation is removed.
  6. Repeat 1–5 on the other headlight.

Step 2: UV sealant protection wipe

  1. Ensure that both headlights have been cleaned with the oxidation removal wipe and that surface is dry before applying selant. For best results, first wipe surface with a clean, lint-free towel.
  2. Open a “step 2 Protect” sachet and pull out wipe.
  3. Apply to the headlight surface by wiping in one direction, similar to applying a coat of paint. Repeat on second headlight. One wipe should coat two headlights.
  4. Let surface dry completely. Surface will be dry to touch in about 3 hrs. Do not touch surface and avoid contact with water until dry.
Please Note:
Drying time after step 3 is dependent upon weather conditions.
Drying may take longer in lower temperatures or higher humidity.
Not for personal cleansing. Dispose of the wipes in Bin. Do not flush.

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