Westland Concentrated Buxus Feed & Protect 2 in 1 - 500ml


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  • Westland Concentrated Buxus Feed & Protect 2in1
  • Boosts plant energy for more greener leaves & foliage
  • Minerals to enhance the plant's natural immune system
  • Stronger roots and stems.
  • Child, pet & bee friendly & pesticide free.

Buxus Feed & Protect has been specially formulated to support buxus health, strengthening the plant from within.

Buxus Feed & Protect has been specially formulated to strengthen the plant from within.

This 2-in-1 solution comprises of two bottles.

The first contains a concentrated Buxus feed for greener, healthier foliage.

The second contains a protection concentrate to deter box blight.

Buxus 2 in 1 Feed & Protect helps buxus to retain water for a healthier plants and acts as a soil improver to give plants the best start.

The correct nutrition is the best way to ensure that plants are at their best every year, growing greener and glossier foliage with abundant, fragrant blooms.

Can be used from early spring to late summer.