Vitax Liquid Concentrate Olive Tree Feed - 1 Litre


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  • Vitax Ltd Liquid Olive Tree Feed Concentrate 1 Litre
  • Boosts nutrients for both young and established trees
  • Ideal for trees in pots, gardens, or indoors
  • Promotes healthy trees with dense foliage
  • 1L concentrate makes up to 50 cans

Enhance the vitality and growth of your olive trees with Vitax Ltd Liquid Olive Tree Feed Concentrate. This 1-litre liquid feed is the perfect nutrient boost for olive trees of any age or size, whether they're planted in pots, nestled in your garden, or brightening up your home. With a special formula that includes essential nutrients and added seaweed extract, it ensures long-term health and encourages dense, lush foliage.

Specially designed to support both young and established trees, Vitax Olive Tree Feed not only promotes vigorous growth but also aids in fruit production. Its concentrated formula is economical, too, transforming into up to 50 cans of feed, providing ample support for reviving tired plants and maintaining vibrant growth.

With an N-P-K ratio of 7:3:5, this liquid feed is balanced to meet the specific nutritional needs of olive trees, ensuring they receive all the necessary elements for optimal growth. Whether your trees are indoors or outdoors, the Vitax Liquid Olive Tree Feed Concentrate is the ideal solution for a healthy, flourishing olive plant.